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Wherever You Are is the fourth solo record by veteran songwriter Danny Shafer, and his first release on Tolstar Records. The press has much to say about this record such as The Boulder Weekly - “Shafer’s newest solo release, Wherever You Are, captures all of the heartfelt musings that the veteran singer-songwriter’s fans have come to anticipate. Lyrics like “Now there’s a working man, he’s out on the street, and I hope he starts that car / There’s women I’ve loved with all my heart and I don’t know where they are” twinge with Neil Young-inspired sentimentality, and others feel like the kind of poetic ruminations that would blossom and fade during a bus ride through open pastureland.”

This record was produced by Robert Tarantino and was given all the attention that was wished for by the artist. The songs on this cd give the listener an inside view of the people who make this country tick on a day to day basis. American In Me looks at the modern patriots struggle. Shine sings about simplicity and equality. The Title track Wherever You Are wishes for a moment to be held in time and appreciated.

Danny Shafer Wherever You Are

1. Wherever You Are 2:41
2. Shine 2:19
3. American In Me 3:24
4. Never Be Proud 3:43
5. Sleep Tonight 2:42
6. Keeping This Family 3:03
7. Susan 2:26
8. Farming 4:42
9. I Am 2:12
10. I Belong to the Night 2:38
11. Crazy Things People Do 3:41
12. Wherever You R 2:45

Danny Shafer

Danny Shafer has been influenced by the songwriters who know how to make a multi layered thought or emotion into a easy to relate three minute song. These songwriters are Neil Young, Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt, Willie Nelson. The Denver Post wrote about Wherever You Are by saying - “Shafer can stand solid next to folks like John Prine and Greg Brown – it almost feels like murder to dissect. It’s great music of the people, by the people, and for the people. Nuff said. ”

"Wherever You Are" by Danny Shafer

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Wherever You Are | Crazy Things People Do | Shine